Reliving the past: “The Immortal” (Sega Genesis)

by King Darrenon 30/08/2015
Apart from Sonic the Hedgehog and Herzog Zwei, few video games evoke as many fond, and exasperating memories as Will Harvey’s classic adventure, The Immortal, on the Sega Genesis. Originally released for Apple IIgs and ported to numerous systems, The Immortal is a fiendishly difficult, but incredibly rewarding experience. Though short in length (it can […]

Age of Sigmar: A Revisit

by Lendosanon 29/08/2015
The POINT of Forging the Narrative is sort of like roleplaying; except you are both the Gamesmaters writing your own story. It is about having fun, and fun is something that hasn't been associated in social Warhammer play for years.


MANCHESTER MCM 2015 – An Overview

by Lendosanon 26/08/2015
When I first walked into a Manchester convention, especially one of the first set inside the Gmex, it felt like you were walking into Bilbo's living-room. Cramped, sweaty, people trying to move around, grinding against each other. When I walked into the entrance this year, I felt like I was walking into the Great Hall. Spacious, welcoming, dangerous (on the wallet; so much shiny); I really felt like I could relax, without the unrequited touching of humans. I was overwhelmed with the amount of space MCM had this ...


Samsung Gear S2 Unveiled

by Andrew Corbanon 25/08/2015
The Apple watch has taken the market by storm, creating huge interest and considerable interest among consumers. The success of the Apple Watch has encouraged others to enter this marketplace, however, which in turn creates the potential for intense and ongoing rivalry. This is expected to gather serious momentum in 2016, when Casio release its […]

Calling all Board Game Designers! Chaos Unpub is Coming

by BevanCon 24/08/2015
Are you a board or card game designer? Do you have a prototype you’d like to get some feedback on? Do you fancy getting a gander at the next big thing in the table-top industry? Well, if you’re in the area (or willing to travel!) then this may be the event for you. Miles Ratcliffe […]


The Hateful 8 Teaser + Posters

by Daniel Delargyon 24/08/2015
This film has been in the works for quite some time. Tarantino’s second Western was in the works until the script was leaked in January 2014, and Tarantino decided to cancel the movie (he also decided that he would publish the script as a novel instead, just so it wouldn’t go to waste). However, after directing […]


Film and Comic Con Sheffield

by Peter Ray Allisonon 22/08/2015
Geek Pride's Peter Ray Allison heads off to Film and Comic Con Sheffield for a convention that is quickly gain a reputation for excellence.


Fallout: Shelter – Not Living, Just Surviving

by Callum Tyndallon 18/08/2015
I’m aware I’m a little late to the party here. But Fallout: Shelter has only recently hit the Android market and has been destroying me ever since. You see, as with most of the Fallout games, Shelter seems determined to make the post-apocalypse as harrowing as possible even if, in this mobile iteration, said post-apocalypse is cheerfully animated in cartoon […]
"I need and adult!"

A Dungeons & Dragons Reboot? Or: “Roll a Will Save VS Bad Cinema.”

by MrCraiggyon 18/08/2015
  So, as you may have heard, Warner Brothers have snapped up the rights to Dungeons & Dragons to do another movie under the title of the gaming franchise. As I’ve already mentioned in my previous article, I am a long-time fan of the D&D franchise, having played the tabletop game since college and its […]


Iron Maiden’s Speed of Light video is like a gaming retrospective

by Andy Haighon 15/08/2015
Heavy metal veterans and British institution Iron Maiden just released the video for their new single “Speed of Light” taken from their new album “The Book of Souls”, so why am I writing about that here? I’m writing about it here because the video for “Speed of Light” is one of the best music videos […]