Could Microsoft Lumia #MakeItHappen for you?

by Andrew Corbanon 19/12/2014
Lani is an American citizen living in the heart of the UK, where she has resided for more than 13 years. Despite this, she has never had the opportunity to travel back to the U.S. and see her family, while her husband also lives in New Zealand while he pursues a new career as a […]

Sony Cancels ‘The Interview’ Christmas US Release

by TheWookieon 18/12/2014
Were you planning to go see The Interview on Christmas? Not anymore. Sony announced today that they are canceling the release of the controversial film in the US. The decision came after several major theater chains including Regal, Cinemark, Carmike and Cineplex reported they would be delaying or completely dropping the screening of the film. This […]


Finally, The Spawn Film We’ve Been Waiting For

by The_Dark_Mikeon 17/12/2014
“Ye who enter, abandon all hope” Yesterday at around 6pm I got a rather exited email from long time bestie and new podcaster Liam Martin with simply the words “WHY DOES NO ONE MAKE A FILM LIKE THIS” and a YouTube link. Now what you probably don’t know about Liam is that he’s quite the […]


Square-Enix Debut English Voice Actors for Final Fantasy XV

by Nick Hancheton 16/12/2014
Voice acting can often make or break a game and this is especially true for RPG’s. This genre, arguably more than any other, has to be able to tell a compelling story about intriguing, multi-dimensional characters and only a superb voice actor such as Nolan North, Troy Baker and Liam O’Brien to name a few, can […]

Dragon Age: Inquisition

by jesshealy24on 15/12/2014
Dragon Age: Inquisition is easily one of the most anticipated games of this year.  Having Bioware’s favoured fantasy RPG being previously setback an entire year (and then once again for another month, as announced in September), die-hard fans have been waiting eagerly for Inquisition’s release. The game has had a lot to live up to, […]


The Office – Hobbit style!

by Deepdarkredon 14/12/2014
Or is it the other way around? Saturday Night Live, who rarely disappoints brought us this lovely gem, featuring Martin Freeman’s Bilbo Baggins in a…surprising setting. What would Bilbo be doing once his adventure is over? Retreat to his little hobbit hole, smoke and relax, of course. But what if he chose a different path? […]


New Trailer for Doctor Who Christmas Special

by becpusson 13/12/2014
The new trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special conveys a much less cheery outlook then the previous ones. This 35 second trailer for ‘Last Christmas’ sees the Doctor returning to Clara and whisking her away to the North Pole where they are joined by good ol’ Saint Nick played by Nick Frost. The synopsis […]


Insurgent’s Trailer is Finally Here!

by Deepdarkredon 12/12/2014
After a small teaser released a month ago, Insurgent, the second instalment of the Divergent trilogy, based on Veronica Roth’s bestselling books, finally came out with a proper trailer. With the first movie receiving mixed reviews and a mostly lukewarm reception from fans, Insurgent has quite a lot to overcome. Theo James and Shailene Woodley […]

Full length trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road is here and it’s insane!

by Andy Haighon 10/12/2014
The first full trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road, the long awaited fourth film in the Mad Max series, just appeared and it’s the best trailer for an action oriented film in years. The world of returning director and co-writer George Miller’s famous creation looks stunning with sun baked sand dunes, choking sand storms and […]

avengers xmas

Festive Fun as the Avengers & Friends Sing Christmas Carols

by becpusson 10/12/2014
It is that time of year once again. Everyone is expected to be full of Christmas cheer and joy. Well, Geek Pride know it’s not always that easy, being a grown can seriously suck with work and bills and crowded shopping outlets, Christmas can become more of a chore then a pleasure. Never fear, we’ve […]