Rememblog #2: How Angel Showed Me A Darker Heroism

by Callum Tyndallon 19/11/2014
So apparently when I said we’d hopefully be back with this soon I meant 3 months. So, yeah… more than a little awkward at the failure there. Anyway, I am returning once more with the Rememblog, for those of you don’t know what this is I refer you here. For those of you who do remember […]

Will a Single Click change the World for Better or Worse?

by Andrew Corbanon 19/11/2014
With innovations such as contactless payment and similar forms of technology, we are constantly told a single click or tap of a screen can execute payments, order stock and send sensitive date in real-time. While this is extremely convenient for the users of technology, however, it has also raised potential issues for occasions when this […]


2 Minute Preview of the Doctor Who Christmas Special

by becpusson 16/11/2014
Showing their support for the Children In Need appeal (go and donate) the BBC treated the audience to this two minute preview of the Christmas Day special. If you are dead set against spoilers, there is a bit of one so don’t watch. It’s Santa Claus and a couple of elves, but is all as it seems? […]


BlazeRush Review (PC, PS3) – May Contain Explosions

by David Roseon 15/11/2014
There is a certain level of expectation with particular game studios, not necessarily a qualitative one, but an expectation that certain studios will create a certain kind of game with certain quirks and idiosyncrasies. You play a Codemasters racing game, for example, and you get a game which generally gives a mix of arcadey racing […]
Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Stan Lee & CM Punk

Ex-WWE Wrestler CM Punk Joins Marvel as Writer

by Stephen Breweron 13/11/2014
Ex-WWE Wrestler CM Punk (Real name: Phil Brooks) has traded in spandex for a pen as he joins up with Marvel as a writer for February’s Thor Annual #1. Phil Brooks may have been the best in the world as a WWE Superstar but now he’s teaming up with artist Rob Guillory in an attempt to […]


MCM Birmingham Comic Con is Coming.

by Peter Ray Allisonon 13/11/2014
Thing the convention season is over? Think again! Geek Pride checks out the line up for MCM Birmingham Comic Con!


Twisted Tails Film Festival is coming on December 5th 2014

by Deepdarkredon 13/11/2014
With December coming up so is the Twisted Tails Film Festival (TTFF), one that is dedicated to independent horror movies. The festival organizers combine, according to their own description, two things when it comes to TTFF. A love for independent horror films and a love of animals. I must admit I wasn’t sure how these […]

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Night Post – a brief review

by Deepdarkredon 13/11/2014
Night Post is one of the newest Improper Books comics, one that I had the chance to read it and it made quite a good impression. The silent comic, that has been released on the 12th of November quickly draws attention with both story and art, weaving from the world we all know (and usually hate) to […]

The Avengers: Bringing Online Gaming into the Mainstream

by Andrew Corbanon 13/11/2014
While it is no secret that the Marvel comic strip has inspired some of the finest movies and console games of the last decade, the upcoming Avengers film may yet surpass all that has gone before it. With trailers now being released online and the film itself due to hit the cinemas in May 2015, […]



by Matt Gearyon 12/11/2014
We were lucky enough to get a Loot Monster box through the door… Matt opens it up and sees what awesome geekiness is inside! Make sure to check out their website here: Like them on Facebook here: and follow them on Twitter: