After the Fall, edited by Alex Davis

by Peter Ray Allisonon 24/04/2015
What does that future look like without the marvels of the machine age after the fall of technology, posits After the Fall. Alex Davis brings together a selection of science fiction authors to answer that questions for a short story collection like no other.
BBCC interview4


by Matt Gearyon 24/04/2015
On the 8th of April, Geek Pride had the distinct pleasure to be invited to the Blackpool Comic Con press night. While there we had a chance to talk to some amazing people including Spencer Wilding; Welshman, Kickboxing / Boxing Champion AND Actor.. you may have seen him in such films as Harry Potter, Guardians […]


Cinematic trailer for Total War Warhammer is just as good as you hoped

by Andy Haighon 23/04/2015
British developer The Creative Assembly’s Total War has 9 games and several spin offs to its name the combination of turn based strategy, resource management and real time battles being a hit with gamers. Total War has so far generally been based in various eras of world history with the first game released in 2000 […]

BBCC interview3


by Matt Gearyon 23/04/2015
On the 8th of April, Geek Pride had the distinct please to be invited to the Blackpool Comic Con press night. While there we had a chance to talk to some amazing people including The MonaLisa Twins, Austrian Singer Song Writers who will be performing at BCC! Check out the Interview, give it a like, […]
U.K. Sterling Bank Notes As Cameron Warns Of Euro Risk

Gain Access to Great Customer Deals and Offers Online

by Andrew Corbanon 22/04/2015
There is no doubt that most people these days want to be able to get great value for money no matter what they are looking to purchase. The internet is home to a wide range of excellent deals and offers that can help you to achieve this goal. There are special deals and offers in […]


Ion: A Compound Building game now on Kickstarter

by BevanCon 20/04/2015
Ion: The Compound Building Game (now on Kickstarter) combines card drafting with a goal-achievment system that has players trying to build their own chemicals to score as many points as possible.


Jurassic World’s 2nd trailer is out!

by Deepdarkredon 20/04/2015
And you know what? I actually like it better than the first. While I am not sure that we really needed a Jurassic World movie, I doubt I could be bored during this film if I tried. And you can never have to many dinosaurs, right? Perhaps I’m reading too much into the trailer of […]


John Wick

by Callum Tyndallon 20/04/2015
John Wick serves as somewhat of a critique of action films. It is highly likely this is meaning I’m putting on the film, rather than it being intended by the writers, but there are a couple of moments in the film where the notions of civility and basic instincts are raised that, to me, seem […]


by Matt Gearyon 20/04/2015
The guys at Eaglemoss have always been very supportive of us at Geek Pride; sending us freebees that we inturn pass out to you, the good geek public. Well they have gone one step further for us now and offered all Geek Pride followers 15% discount in their store…WHAMMY! all you need to do is add WELCOME15MG […]


Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Leaked trailer – An Analysis **UPDATED**

by Shockwave1979on 17/04/2015
So once again the best laid plans of a multi-billion dollar studio attempting to maximise the hype and anticipation around the release of a movie trailer, have been ruined by nothing more than a fan-boy with a camera phone. After Lucasfilm were forced to abandon plans to screen the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: […]