Final X-Men: DOFP Trailer Released

by The_Dark_Mikeon 16/04/2014
With less than a month to go before release, our old pal Hugh Jackman has presented us with a the final trailer for Days Of Future Past. I’d speculate on what the film will have in store for us but FUCKING KASHMIR, TUNE.     excited or dreading it? Let us know in the comments […]

In Space No-one Can Hear You Nom

by James Buckinghamon 15/04/2014
A friend of mine is one lucky sonova… well… he’s a lucky guy. For one, he works for The Creative Assembly (the guys behind the epic Total War series)… a job which I’m immensely jealous of. Secondly, he got to munch on something truly epic today that got sent to the CA offices; An Alien: […]

Man, imagine the ads you could watch with this!

Isometrics: Facebook, Virtual Insanity, Hyperreality and the Oculous Ideological Rift

by David Roseon 15/04/2014
The news of Facebook buying Oculus VR has led to a massive storm of controversy. Isometrics looks at the history of VR and asks what it is that is so powerful about the concept… Welcome to Isometrics, the Visually Radient cybercolumn about the literary world of computer and video games, and this week we dust off […]


5 Bitchin’ Songs from Sonic The Hedgehog

by The_Dark_Mikeon 15/04/2014
He’s blue, he’s spiny, he’s probably on A-Class drugs and in love with a pre-teen natural predator, he’s everyone’s only  favourite blue hedgehog, it’s Sonic. The series has been a steadfast in videogame history since its inception in 1991, it has skyrocketed to become more than a household name. One of the most overlooked aspects of the […]

The Elder Scrolls Online Eps#4 – I HAVE EXORCISED THE DEMONS! This house is clear

by Matt Gearyon 15/04/2014
I get me some new armour, I learn a few lessons and I save the damn city, thats right… you can now form an orderly queue and touch me.


Mike N’ Nick’s Gentlemanly Chats ep 11: Mike’s AMA

by The_Dark_Mikeon 15/04/2014
So lonely Happy #TalkieTuesday everyone. This week I was all on my lonesome, so I decide to ask you , the audience, for an Ask Me Anything session.   And boy, did you ask.   Click it hard, click it good, click this button just like you should.


Game of Thrones: The Lion and the Rose – SPOILER ALERT

by Hani Fearonon 14/04/2014
Since season four of Game of Thrones kicked off and we were welcomed back to the battle for that oh-so-comfy-looking seat, Mondays are fast becoming my favourite day of the week. So I’m back again with a recap and review of what went down in Westeros tonight, in an absolute beaut of an episode, ‘The […]


EA’s sports dominion

by Matt Gearyon 14/04/2014
Written by: Ben Wilkinson If you have never heard “it’s in the game” whilst booting up your console or PC then you are one of the very rare few who has never played an EA game, congratulations. EA’s sport branch EA Sports is a behemoth in its respective arena and it looks likely to have hegemonic […]

It’s now official! Paul Bettany will play Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

by Deepdarkredon 14/04/2014
It has been floating around the web for a while that Paul Bettany will don Vision’s costume, teaming up with the Avengers for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron, but until recently there has been no confirmation of these rumours. That is until Paul Bettany told the world, during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, that […]


New TMNT TV Spot Gives us a Glimpse of Splinter

by becpusson 14/04/2014
This new TV spot titled “Brothers” is our first opportunity to see Master Splinter – sensei, teacher and father figure to the turtles. Now let’s be honest, the first look of the turtles didn’t go down so well (they have noses, it looks stupid) however, this split second glimpse of Splinter is intriguing. He looks […]