I Got Love For You if You Are Based on The ’80s

by MrCraiggyon 01/07/2015
Hands up who remembers the 80s? No? Me neither, considering I was only born in ’86. But if the cinema of that era has taught me anything, it’s that it was a decade filled with explosions, montages, excessive shoulder pads and outrageous hairstyles. I’m Craig, one of the newbies here at GP, and I’d like […]

It’s Morphing Time?

by joshkingofgeekson 30/06/2015
In 2013 it was 20 years since the command “recruit a team of teenagers with attitude” was uttered by a 10,000 year old inter-dimensional being trapped in a time warp, Yeah that’s a line I thought I would never repeat. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers premièred on August 28, 1993 on Fox Kids and became an instant […]


Who The Hell Is Tom Holland?

by spikedirectionon 29/06/2015
For a little while during Marvel Studios’ search for the next Spider-Man, once they’d announced they were going for a Peter Parker rather than a Miles Morales (Who could ONLY be played by Donald Glover now anyway), it seemed as if every white male of the right age, height and weight was being herded through […]


TABLED Eps#3 – WH40K Necrons Vs Spacewolves

by Matt Gearyon 29/06/2015
Well Eps# 3 of Tabled is up! This episode is a 3K point battle, Necrons vs Spacewolves (or Dire wolves as my chapter is) Doesn’t go so well for Matt, as you will see. Make sure to stick around until the end for Matts round up and Battle summary.    

Alien Encounter Halloween

by Peter Ray Allisonon 27/06/2015
This Halloween, it’s war! On 31st October, the National Space Centre in Leicester opens its doors for the Colonial Marines, in a mission that will change your world (and your underwear) forever. Basic entry includes full access to the National Space Centre (including 3D simulator ride), entry into the Aliens Exhibition of original props and […]


Board games suck! And here’s why…

by BevanCon 26/06/2015
OK, don’t let the post title fool you; I love board games. My collection is pretty massive, ranging from 5 minute card and dice games all the way to the epic 8 hour slug-a-thons with cool miniatures and card board tokens festooned across the table. So when I scroll through my social media feeds and […]


Kill your characters: Why Batman needs to die

by The_Dark_Mikeon 23/06/2015
One issue. They couldn’t let Batman be actual, for realises dead for one stinkin’ issue. And no, I’m not accepting FCBD’s offering as that was a spin off. Batman #41 came out a few days ago, showing us the first escapades of one Moustacheless Jim Gordon fighting an energy monster in a batmech. Now the […]


5 Factoids about the Battle of Waterloo – 200th Anniversary

by Matt Gearyon 19/06/2015
Well as some of you will know, i’m a bit of a History Nerd and having done a Military history degree and my dissertation on Napoleon I thought it would be rather apt, on this the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, to hit you with some factoids about the  engagement that you may, […]

E3 2015: NEW NIER FOR PS4!

by King Darrenon 17/06/2015
Square Enix’s sleeper hit 2010 ACTION RPG NIER is getting a follow-up! It will be co-developed by Platinum Games Announced at Square Enix’s E3 2015 press conference, this new NIER iteration is being directed by Taro Yoko, who took charge of the inceptive NIER  as well as Drakengard( This upcoming NIER game was only announced […]


E3 2015: Sony Closes The Lid On Major Vita Games

by King Darrenon 17/06/2015
Amidst the glamorous news of new games, there’s a piece of bad news for Vita fans – Sony has pulled the plug in developing any future blockbusters for the hand-held gadget. Speaking with IGN, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said that the electronics giant will not be making any more AAA first-party games. Say goodbye to […]