5 Bitchin’ Songs from Sonic The Hedgehog

by on 15/04/2014

He’s blue, he’s spiny, he’s probably on A-Class drugs and in love with a pre-teen natural predator, he’s everyone’s only  favourite blue hedgehog, it’s Sonic. The series has been a steadfast in videogame history since its inception in 1991, it has skyrocketed to become more than a household name.

One of the most overlooked aspects of the Sonic series is the soundtrack. Many artists have worked on the BGM over the years, from Michael Jackson to lesser known acts such as Crush 40 , helping to capture what the Blue Blur is all about. Here’s 5 earworms from the last 20 years of chequered loop-de-loops and ring snatching (phrasing).

Sonic Boom

Sonic CD was the first official appearance of Metal Sonic and his please-leave-me-alone girlfirend, Amy Rose, This outing saw an even faster Sonic and one of the most epic racing levels in videogame history. The game also had an epic intro music video, entitled Sonic Boom, the animation style and fluidity of which made fans everywhere crave an animated Sonic movie in that vain. The vocals are really what make this track, and you will have the chorus in your head for days.

Unknown from M.E

We all have an emergency rap and If you don’t you need to get one. There will be an occasion where you you are called upon to rap and you really don’t want to freestyle or do the Fresh Prince one. My go-to rap is this gem (pun intended) from Sonic Adventure  about Knuckles telling the world that 1) he’s better than Sonic, 2) he’s sworn to protect the floating island and 3) he can rap AND sing.

It’s a belter of an R&B number with a sexy bassline and a great shuffling drum track  that could easily be snuck into a nightclub DJ set amongst the likes of Nelly, R.Kelly and Pharell. ch-ch-ch-check it:

Live and Learn/Open Your Heart

Oh Crush 40, you beautiful renegades. I could have done the entire article on their work, as they have captured the essence of every Sonic character they pen a theme for. Particularly noteable are the classic metal stompers that are the opening themes for Sonic Adventure , ‘Open Your Heart’:

and Sonic Adventure 2’s ‘Live and Learn’:

If either of these songs don’t make you pitch a tent, there maybe something seriously wrong with you (or you’re a female incapable of erections, whatever). The songs are simply put, badass. The vocals are inspiring and the guitar licks are rousing, with choruses staying with you long after listening. Also, them solos. yummy.


Chemical Plant Zone

That bassline. That main hook. The BGM for this level of Sonic 2 made it less horrific when Sonic inevitably drowned after a miss-timed  jump. It’s just so damn catchy. So catchy in fact that legendary acapella youtuber  Smooth McGroove (who we interviewed a while back) gave it a crack

Sonic 2 Boss Theme

Shit son. It’s kicking off. You knew you were in for it when you reached the end of a level and found no sign post in Sonic 2 and this started playing:


This 8-bit symphony really encapsulated the essense of challenge that the bosses presented. It’s pretty incredible to think of the emotions evoked from some keyboard noises, but this really does a great job in all its polyphonic glory.

Special Bonus Round: They Call Me Sonic

They did a trance song about sonic, and people loved it for about three months. That’s all there is to it. have a giggle.


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