Asylum 12 – A Preview of The Very Best UK Convention for Fans of Supernatural

by on 04/05/2014


I have made a bold statement there in the title considering this particular convention has yet to take place, but bear with me. Rogue Events bring you Asylum 12 – an unofficial convention for fans of the TV show Supernatural. Taking place from the 16th – 18th May at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, Birmingham, this event is one that I insist every UK fan must attend.

The reason I am so sure that it is going to be awesome is because I attended Asylum 10 last year and it was a weekend to remember. The difference with these conventions is everyone attending is there for one reason – they are fans of Supernatural. Every attendee shares a common love for those the Winchesters, Castiel, Crowley and the rest. And for that reason there will be an atmosphere of mutual appreciation otherwise known as fangirling (and fanboying of course). If you are a fan then I guarantee there will be no instance of you not understanding the references made in talks or not laughing at that inside joke, it’s a refreshing experience. For the entire weekend you walk around with a secure sense of belonging.

Why are Rogue Events conventions so good? Well let’s start with the guest list for this particular event. First of, and one I am particulary excited about, is Jared Paldelecki otherwise known as Sam Winchester, one of the two leads in the show. It is not very often that the UK are blessed with the attendance of a lead from a current hit TV show. Next up is the king of Twitter, Misha Collins, I was present at his talks at A10 and the were amazing, he is so funny and genuinely happy to have been there (plus he told me my hair was awesome, he will be mine one day) Also attending is the the most prolific actor in geekdom, Mark Sheppard, a little grumpy in real life, I’m just saying don’t mess with this guy, he will take you down with a witty remark that will also be entertaining for everyone else present. I am very much looking forward to meeting Amanda Tapping, Stargate alumni and all round geek girl hero. Other guests include Sebastian Roche, Jim Beaver, Ty Olsson, Osric Chau, Gabriel Tigerman, and A.J. Buckley.

All guests take part in the Q&As, photo shoots and signings, some even do artists lounges where a few attendees get to spend some quality time with the guest of their choosing.

On the Friday and Saturday these are themed parties (included in the ticket price) where people are encouraged to dress up, this events themes are Friday Tube Party and Saturday Zombies vs Humans. Click on the pictures for more information.


The ticket price is a little steep at £108 for the basic package, but when you consider that what is included, it feels you get a lot for your money.

  • Guest Interviews & Panels
  • 1 Free In Person Autograph from all regular attending guests
  • Access to the Vendors Room if available at the event
  • Fancy Dress Themed Discos on Friday and Saturday nights
  • A Souvenir Booklet, lanyard and Convention Badge!

At A10 at no point did I feel I didn’t get my moneys worth, it’s a lovely package that ensures you get to meet most of the guests attending, though there are some that require extra payment which can be purchased on the day.


You can save money if you are willing to share your picture with a friend.

The biggest plus about this event is the venue. Unlike most convention halls or arenas, there are no secret tunnels for the guests to travel to the various rooms, no, they walk right along side everyone else. You can be standing there minding your own business and Misha Collins strolls by – at one point during A10 he was playing Twister with a bunch of fans in the lounge area. This was an amazing experience and some what surreal. However, being a girl gives you one massive disadvantage, my husband met several of the attending guest in the toilet and broke all bathroom etiquette by engaging them in conversation – he also had a bit of a bromance going on with Ty Olsson. It was awesome.

I highly recommend the Asylum events for Supernatural fans but here is the bad news – Asylum 12 is sold out. I know, you’re disappointed but don’t lose hope my friends, Rogue Events already have tickets on sale for Asylum 13 taking place from the 17th to the 19th of October in Birmingham. You can purchase your tickets HERE.

To all those lucky enough to have there tickets for A12, I shall be covering the event for Geek Pride so please come and say hello, I’ll be live tweeting during the event from @geekpride1 and would love to talk to fellow attendees. I’ll look like this: