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Hellblazer short film shows how to get John Constantine right.

by on 26/02/2014


John Constantine, after appearing in Saga of the Swamp Thing, was the main focus of the long running and critically acclaimed mature readers title Hellblazer from Vertigo which ran for 300 issues before it was cancelled in order to make way for Constantine, the DC New 52 home of the character.

 Ever since the announcement of NBC’s Constantine show there’s been speculation as to whether it would live up to the character’s origins or make John and the world he inhabits a more mainstream affair. Whilst these questions will only be answered when the pilot airs, Harry Locke IV of Code 10 Studios and a team of others recently put together a non-profit short film inspired by Hellblazer’s ‘In at the deep end’ story by Andy Diggle and it completely nails the tone and mannerisms of both John Constantine (played by Robbie Allen) and the shadowy world he inhabits.

 Who else thinks these guys could do well with proper funding?