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Pop Culture Shock Brings Judge Dredd to life with Amazing Diorama

by on 10/11/2014


Any Judge Dredd fans out there with money to burn might want to check out the amazing diorama available for pre-order from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. The huge diorama, fully licensed from Rebellion, is 24” long and features Mega City One’s most famous Judge on his Lawmaster bike. The eye-catching piece is sculpted by Joseph Menna, John Cleary and painted by Mike Najera.

Speaking about Judge Dredd ,Jerry Macaluso, President of Pop Culture Shock, said

“I have a hard time picking a more badass character than Judge Dredd. Sure; Batman’s tough and Ryu is a great fighter…but neither are as deadly or mysterious as the good judge. And of course we had to depict him atop Lawmaster!”

The high end diorama, which even features functional LED’s in the Lawmaster’s headlights, is limited to 250 pieces and is available for pre-order now.

For more details visit popcultureshocktoys