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The Other Thing The Internet Is For: Top 5 Geek Webcomics

by Ben Feeon 07/06/2013
  The wonderful thing about webcomics is that webcomics are wonderful things. The second most wonderful thing about webcomics is that they give anyone with a pencil, a scanner and a dirty mind the opportunity to become an Internet God. The third is that they are free. Webcomics or, as they are commonly called, “Computer […]

Start A New Addiction Today!: The Five Best Comic Book Starting Points

by Ben Feeon 01/04/2013
Well. Comics, eh? What are they all about? If you’re one of the millions of geeks out there whose only encounters with comic books have involved Hugh Jackman or HBO, then you may have considered dabbling with a trade paperback or graphic novel only to be put off by decades of meandering plotline, deaths, resurrections, […]

Top 5 Directors Who Aren’t Doing Star Wars But Would Have Been Awesome…

by Ben Feeon 08/02/2013
By Ben Fee With the announcement that JJ Abrams will be directing the new Star Wars film, geeks everywhere are breathing a collective sigh of relief. Ok, it’s a bit of a lazy choice and we all still remember Alcatraz, Season 3 of Lost and the entire back half of Alias, but he also gave […]

Throw Out Your TV – Top 5 Geek Webseries

by Ben Feeon 30/01/2013
Everything is getting smaller and faster. Computers which would have taken up an entire room forty years ago are now small enough to fit in your pocket and staying in touch with family abroad took weeks before the advent of email and Skype. The future is Speedy Gonzales riding a bullet, and nowhere else is […]

Geeks Assemble!: The Next Teams We’d Like To See On Film

by Ben Feeon 29/09/2012
Ensemble casts are notoriously hard to pull off on the big screen – for every X-Men there’s two or three Justice League of America‘s, for every Ocean’s Eleven, an Ocean’s Thirteen.  It’s understandable really, how do you tell a story in such a short period of time while giving each character the face-time and respect […]