Writers Challenge: Zombie Apocalypse

Romero’s ending – A Zombie Story

by Deepdarkredon 10/08/2013
            The world ended three months ago. I think it was three months, I can’t be sure, I had more important things to do than checking the calendar. The fact that I didn’t actually think to bring a calendar plays a part in my confusion too. It seemed pointless to try […]

Zombie Survival: Sacrifice Style

by TheWookieon 10/08/2013
I awoke to the sound of pounding on my door. “What the hell? No one can get up here without a key card.” I lazily rolled over and tried to wake up my boyfriend, only to find him gone. BAM! BAM! BAM!  It’s 0300, where in the world could he be? I get up and […]

Zombie Survival Team 8 – Cristina Bogdan

by Deepdarkredon 17/01/2013
“The world is shit.” I turned my head in the direction of the voice and I rolled my eyes, it figures it was going to be Harper that stated the obvious. I gave him a pointed look resisting the urge to flip him off, mostly because there was a kid in the room and really, […]

Zombie Killing Dream Team – Videogame Edition

by Matt_Walklateon 15/01/2013
Welcome to the next offering for the Zombie Killing dream team, this time, it’s all about the Videogame Characters. But remember, all must be based in real life, apart from my superhero wild card! Here’s a quick recap of the rules; Team of 4 fictional characters plus you. One superhero type allowed but if you […]

GEEKS MEAN BIG PRIZES 2 – Zombie Apocalypse Special ( all entries by 12/02/2013)

by Matt Gearyon 12/01/2013
Some of you, if you check the Site and or FB regularly will know, over the last few months, we have been running a Zombie Apocalypse, Survival Team challenge, where in the writers of Geek Pride have been coming up with fantasy survival teams to ride out the ZA. There are still a few of […]

Writers Challenge: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team 6, James

by TheSlasherJunkieon 11/01/2013
“Harry …… HARRY…… HARRY! GODDAMMIT CALLAHAN, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!“ The one problem with living in the same house as a soldier in his early eighties is the fact that four decades of frequent gunfire lays waste to your ear drums, and then once you add old age, you can see why he should […]

Writers Challenge: Zombie Apocalypse – Survival #4 Team SKB

by Andrew Corbanon 10/12/2012
It’s 10:04pm, on this wet and windy winters night.  Breaking news interrupts on the television… ‘News just in. We have several reports of members of public being attacked by, what the authorities are calling…. Wait this can’t be right… Stan have you got this correct?.. I’m sorry Great Britain, we thank you for your patience…’ […]

Writer’s Challenge: Zombie Apocalypse Team #3 (Laura)

by Laura Maieron 02/12/2012
Welcome, fellow survivors! All aboard the S.S. Headshot! Toot toot! So, you’re probably a little confused right now. The dead are walking the earth, and here you are on a pimped-up cruise ship just off the coast of Southampton with me and my elite team. I know you have a lot of questions, like “Who […]

Writers Challenge: Zombie Apocalypse Team #2(Ben)

by Ben Feeon 25/11/2012
The sergeant and I heft the last of the rotting cadavers onto the pyre before heading back into the cave to join the others. The stiff Cheshire breeze is in our favour tonight and carries the smoke of burning corpses across the potted landscape of Alderley Edge instead of deeper into our sandstone sanctuary. The […]

Writers Challenge: Zombie Apocalypse Team #1(Becca)

by Becca Harperon 20/11/2012
I hereby challenge my fellow writers here at Geek Pride to assemble the best team of fictional characters to ride out the Zombie Apocalypse. The rules have been agreed as the following: [box_light] Team of 4 fictional characters plus you. One superhero type allowed but if you choose Superman or someone similar you’re cheating. You must designate a […]