Dust and Sand

Dust and Sand – Read The Story So Far…

by SeanPWallaceon 14/01/2017
Want to know what happened in Dust and Sand without having to read it? Then here you go… Dust and Sand takes place in a Wild West where twisted creatures are abroad and cults which support them terrorise the land. Hard-bitten former Texas Ranger DUST is used to fighting the Lovecraftian gods of the Triangle. When PENELOPE, […]

Dust and Sand – Chapter 33- FINAL CHAPTER – By Sean P. Wallace

by SeanPWallaceon 04/03/2013
Chapter 33 The sun rose on a new day. Dust was sat on Crucifix’s chapel to greet it; Father Kilkenny’d recommended the spot in a brief conversation before the man collapsed into well-deserved and much-needed sleep. When Dust saw the view it afforded him, the wide vista that stood out from a garish pink sky, […]

Dust and Sand – Chapter 32 – By Sean P. Wallace

by SeanPWallaceon 19/02/2013
Chapter 32 Eleanor Naismith was almost giddy as she rode through the Badlands. Her horse, the pathetic beast that it was, trotted gently beneath her. She kept it at a gentle pace to avoid aggravating parts of her left tender by the Wastrels’ orgy; she had to hand it to the followers of That Which […]

Dust and Sand – Chapter 31 – By Sean P. Wallace

by SeanPWallaceon 11/02/2013
Chapter 31 Dust woke to Shadows Fade and Penelope Chalmers dragging him through the cult’s temple. His dull eyes scanned them for wounds and found them safe, whole and without the Triangle’s taint. They’d won. “He’s awake,” Penelope said, noticing his movement. She was thin, a skeleton dragging its skin around, but there had once […]

Dust and Sand – Chapter 30 – By Sean P. Wallace

by SeanPWallaceon 01/02/2013
Chapter 30 Penelope disrobed and lay on the stone altar. Cold which had previously sucked on her like a tick now caressed her and made her shiver with pleasure. The hooded cultists removed their clothes too, men and women, child and adult. Some were inhuman as she’d expected, expanding and pouring out of their clothes […]

Dust and Sand – Chapter 29 – By Sean P. Wallace

by SeanPWallaceon 29/01/2013
Chapter 29 Dust flexed his fingers, his other gun resting comfortably between his hands. It felt damn good to hold it and not feel like a five-year old picking up his pa’s weapon. And it felt even better to have used it to rip apart a cult of the Triangle. “I’ve destroyed everything you’ve worked […]

Dust and Sand – Chapter 27 – By Sean P. Wallace

by SeanPWallaceon 11/01/2013
Chapter 27   Dust’s first response to seeing Shadows Fade was to step back, raise his fists. This had to be a trick, someone wearing an illusion to ripen his hopes for crushing. It was a damn good one too; they were the spitting image of Shadows Fade. Magic like that was costly. But then, […]

Dust and Sand – Chapter 26 – By Sean P. Wallace

by SeanPWallaceon 04/01/2013
Chapter 26 In the flesh of the earth, someone was singing. “While I draw this… fleeting breath, when mine eyes shall… close in death, when I soar to… worlds unknown… see Thee on Thy… Judgement Throne.” Penelope Chalmers’ voice barely echoed in her cell. As the last note lingered, her teeth chattered to create an […]

Dust and Sand – Chapter 25 – By Sean P. Wallace

by SeanPWallaceon 28/12/2012
Chapter 25 The wretched cultist leaned back and flicked Dust’s neck restraint. The cold circle rang out like a crystal glass tapped by a silver spoon, throbbed between his teeth and back into the nape of his neck, building and building. It hurt. Damn but it hurt. Dust took a deep breath to keep from […]

Dust and Sand – Chapter 24 – By Sean P. Wallace

by SeanPWallaceon 22/12/2012
Chapter 24 Father Kilkenny leant against his lectern and took a deep breath before continuing. “For they are wholly given unto me from among the children of Israel; instead of such as open every womb, even instead of the firstborn of all the children of Israel, have I taken them unto me,” he said, speaking […]