CCP’s Dust 514 To Drop May 14th

by on 29/04/2013

The creators of cult sci-fi MMO EVE Online (CCP) have been breaking boundries in their latest creation – quite literally destroying the barriers between hardcore MMO players and the Call of Duty generation with Dust 514 – a free-to-play FPS that is directly connected to it’s existing award-winning MMO.

Dust: 514 Art

The game has been in a rather long beta stage, starting as a closed beta for Playstation Plus subscribers, the game entered an open beta not so long ago. Now CCP have announced that Dust 514 is due to exit beta on May 14th (see what they did there? May 14th? or 5/14? Clever huh?) allowing the world to drop in, and start helping out their respective corporations in EVE.

Yes – much in the same way that Defiance influences the TV series of the same name, Dust 514 influences the events in EVE Online. The players actions and the outcome of the FPS-based war on the ground will shift the balance of control for the MMO players in terms of trade routes, mining limitations and so on.

I’ve played the beta and I can confirm it’s rather good, although ridiculously hard… it reminded me of the Halo multiplayer, but with a lot more death involved – but then I’m a Black Ops 2 geek if I’m honest!

Anyway Dust 514 remains free once it’s released with no monthly fee – you don’t even have to purchase the client, so you can feel free to download it from the Playstation Store and join the masses without your wallet whimpering in the process.