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by on 20/11/2013


Gordon Robertson had Bowel Cancer, thankfully he doesn’t have it anymore.

The experience inspired him though, he co-created the critically acclaimed webcomic ‘Arsecancer’ along with artist Cuttlefish also the pair came up with Comics Versus Cancer.

The idea was simple; raise money for bowel and breast cancer charities and hold a raffle for awesome prizes. These prizes would be donated by numerous folks from the world of comics using a donations from,

Kate Brown, Laurence Campbell, Stephen Collins, Robert Davis, Rufus Dayglo, Robert Deas,Andy Diggle, Glyn Dillon, Kelly Sue Du Connick, Duncan Fegrado, Neil Gaiman, Tom Gauld, Gary Kelly, Jamie McKelvie, Leah Moore, Olly Moss, Ramon K Perez, John Reppion, Stephen Sutherland, Maris Wicks, Andrew Wildman, Rob Williams and Ben Willsher.

The prizes are still coming in too.

To be in with a chance of winning something all you have to do is buy a ticket or tickets from them either at  Thought Bubble Comic Con 23-24 November, where the pair will be at Table 4 in the Royal Armouries Hall or you can buy them via Paypal sending money to

For more details visit the Comicsversuscancer site here CLICK ME