Fan Art Feature; N from Pokemon

by on 20/02/2014

So for this weeks Fan Art Feature I chose N from Pokemon because… God damn it that guy is attractive!!! *cough* Ok so I also like him for his personality, he absolutely adores Pokemon, after being raised by them he is able to talk to them and understand their responses. Also people make really really pretty fan art of him! It has been difficult to choose just a few of them for this article (such talented artists love N!)


The first one I came across is Pokemon: Crazy Nutcase N by e1n. This really shows of N’s relationship with his Pokemon and the Pokemon around him. Woobat is wearing his cap and they all look happy and calm with one another, this is a real feel good piece!

This is also something that is shown in the next piece of art work;



I love the colours in N by vixiebee. It is a really bright picture with lots of positive feelings with a nice flow to it, everything engages well together, from the grass tufts around N to the Pokemon interacting with him!

I like how the same soft tones flow in this next piece too.



I like the sketchy quality of N and a few pokemon by vanillatte54 it is simple but very effective!

Next is my absolute favourite piece that I found! I kinda let out a lil “squee” noise when I saw it!



There are no words to describe the beauty that is N by tatouji. Just look at it… Stare at it for a long while… That’s my plan!

And lastly lets end on something a little more humorous and cutesy!


I love Jumpix‘s Touko y N y pokemon its just so bright and cute! The chibi-esque art style fits super well with the characters and the Pokemon!

If any of you have any idea’s has to who should be featured in future Fan Art Features let us know!