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Deathstroke: Arkham Assassin – Short Film

by on 08/04/2014

Set prior to the events of ‘Arkham Origins’, this short film takes a look at one of the most high-profile characters who appeared in the game and how he got into the Christmas Day Bat-Hunt in the first place.

The plot of the short is simple – Dissatisfied with the performance of recent mercenaries, Black Mask decides to accept the demands of the mercenary Deathstroke should he overcome all gang-members in the room. Unarmed. Given what you know from ‘Arkham Origins’…well, you can guess the ending.

There is no real character development – Black Mask is cold and merciless, Deathstroke is brutal and professional…and that is just about it. It does, however, give us a good glimpse of the one of DC’s most notable assassins in action.

In this light, the cinematography is excellent, and the use of special effects really give this short a nice feel. In some ways, it also reminds me of the game – much like how you can in the Arkham games, he receives a nasty beating…but gives us a spectacle the Dark Knight never could.

Warning – in order to showcase Deathstroke’s brutality, their quite a bit of blood. Not just blood from gunshots, but…well, it’s not exactly ‘clean’.