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First Official Full Length Trailer For Doctor Who: Series 8 Lands

by on 14/07/2014

The return of Doctor Who for series 8, is super exciting because it brings with it a new face for our timelord, Peter Capaldi. Unfortunately, it has also been plagued by leaks; first the scripts appeared online and next the first episode, albeit in black and white, missing some of the CGI and persistently watermarked. As a true whovian, I have naturally avoided spoilers but this comes with disappoint; until now we had only been awarded for the long wait with a couple of little teasers and it just didn’t satisfy my longing.

Today I have a big smile on my face as I bring you the first official full length trailer. Featuring our new Doctor, old monsters, new monsters, a reptilian detective, the classic yet overdone Daleks, a freaking T-Rex and of course our (how much more can you do with this character?) Clara. Take a look and share your thoughts below or on the facebook post.