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Fox set to reboot Predator franchise with Shane Black

by on 25/06/2014


In news that will either provoke intrigue or contempt at a lack of new ideas it has emerged at Hollywood Reporter that Fox is set to reboot the Predator franchise.

The new as yet untitled film will be directed by Shane Black who will also be sharing writing duties with Fred Dekker, reforming the pair that wrote 80’s cult classic Monster Squad together. Black has several action oriented films to his name including Lethal Weapon, Last Action Hero, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and the recent divisive Iron Man 3.

Whether or not the new film will be a continuation of or acknowledge Nimrod Vital’s Predators, which received a mixed response, is unclear although the term reboot suggests this will ignore Vital’s film. This leaves the question of where the franchise will go next after seeing the iconic hunter in the South American jungle in John McTiernan’s classic film and the concrete jungle of L.A in Stephen Hopkins sequel.

Maybe the pair will throw a curve ball and set the film in the past as it’s already been established that the predators have been hunting on Earth for hundreds of years, or are they going to ignore everything that’s already been established, which I’m thinking would not be wise, although a reboot implies this.

The upcoming film will be the fourth or sixth film to feature the iconic alien hunter depending on whether you count the Alien VS Predator films. Keep posted for more news from Geek Pride on the upcoming film when further detail are announced.