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Heroes Reborn Full Trailer Released

by on 13/07/2015

Ah Heroes, the super powered TV show that we all wanted. It started great, gathered quite the following and looked like it would be a long running success until the writer’s strike resulted in a longer hiatus then we, the fans, are used to. It was a shame, it had such potential – save the cheerleader, save the world, and all that. Unfortunately, character develop got weird, villains became less scary and the time travel became all too wibbly wobbly; it was axed and no one was surprised. So you can imagine my mild surprise when they announced Heroes: Reborn, my reaction was ‘meh’ and I didn’t give it another thought. Then came the first trailer.

Yep, I hold my hand up, I admit it, this trailer gave me goosebumps.I don’t what it is? Maybe it’s my ever growing craving for a properly done X-men TV series or is it my love for things that evoke a feeling of nostalgia? my goosebumps certainly got harder/bigger/bumpier (not sure what the correct adjective is here) when I caught a glimpse of familiar characters. Now I’m all kinds of looking forward to it. The trailer certainly suggests a X-Men style mutant hate theme, plus the addition of Zachary Levi certainly helps the cause, but last but not least, I always had respect for ol’ Noah Bennet and his horn rimmed glasses, it’s exciting to see him back. Judge for yourselves and comment below, are you excited for the return of Heroes?