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Original Robocop Art up for Auction – Own a Piece of Cinema History!

by on 20/03/2014

The remake of Robocop may currently be on the big screen, but for those of us who are big fans of the original Paul Verhoeven film about Peter Weller’s infamous “future of law enforcement” and corruption in America due to corporate malfeasance, you might be interested to know that Mike Bryan’s original iconic painting for the classic 80’s sci-fi film is currently up for auction.

lfWhat’s that you say? ‘You mean that poster’s a painting!?’ Yes it is, a very good one at that. Bryan also did classic and memorable posters for Scarface and Platoon amongst others.

How did Bryan make it look so realistic? According to Bryan’s notes on the listing the painting which measures 33″ X 40″ was done using a process which

 “involved running hand altered film positives (as opposed to negatives) through huge blueprint machines, transferring ghosted photo images onto ammonia sensitive paper. This paper turned out to be very receptive to ink, paint and particularly pencil (my preferred media)”

Bryan also adds

 “Oddly, although I have worked on many high-profile projects in the digital age, people seem to prefer this hand painted art and I remain most known amongst my peers as the guy who created Robocop”

I’m going to check down the back of the sofa.

For more details on the auction go to Heritage Auctions