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Russian film Zashchitniki is set to blow your mind.

by on 03/04/2016

Superheroes have been big business in film for some time now with Marvel Studios, Fox and Warner Bros all taking their share but now there’s a new challenger – Russian film Zashchitniki (or in English The Defenders or The Guardians depending on which source you believe).

The upcoming film directed by Sarik Andreasyan and written by Andrei Gavrilov is due to next year and tells the story of a covert unit of genetically engineered superheroes created by an organisation known as “Patriot” in an alternate history of the Cold War.

The film stars Anton Pampushniy as Arsus, a fierce werebear who is skilled with firearms and also capable of shapeshifting his body, Sanzhar Madiev as Khan, a master martial artist skilled with blades and possessing enhanced speed, reflexes and strength, Sebastien Sisak as Ler, an elemental master who can control and manipulate the ground bending it to his will and Alina Lanina as Xenia, who along with other abilities can manipulate water.

Check out the teaser trailer below.