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Spotlight On: Bardic Broadcasts – A Cracking YouTuber

by on 14/06/2016

If you venture into the vast Forests of YouTube, you would be quite forgiven for thinking that the trees themselves were made of unboxing videos, so ubiquitous have they become in recent years. But, if you look a little closer, you may find, under all the noise and surprise eggs, a bearded man fumbling at a cardboard package and grumbling under his breath about Games Workshop. Congratulations, brave adventurer! You have discovered Bardic Broadcasts.

In his own words, The Bard was trained in ancient times in the art of unboxing by the secret grandmasters. In time, he says, he forgot more than he ever knew about this secret craft but, luckily for use, he still likes to keep his hand in with unboxing, reviews, and demonstrating the rare and feared technique of the reboxing! Covering video games, RPGs, boardgames and figures, The Bard provides his videos with a gruff humour, enviable facial hair, and infectious enthusiasm even when the item requires a good old-fashioned slagging off.

Combining a love of the absurd with a critical eye for detail and a mild love-hate obsession with Games Workshop, Bardic Broadcasts is a must-watch for any geek worth his salt, especially the ode to 80’s RPG classic, HeroQuest!

Check out a few of his videos below, then get thee hence to his YouTube channel and break out a tankard of mead for a cracking old time. Oh, and don’t forget your brodesode.