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The 100 – Season 3 trailer

by on 13/01/2016

The 100 – a surprising gem on the CW – is returning to our screens on January the 21st. With a new story arc developing in the new season, the show promises more action, more drama and more adventure. I am curious how they will one up themselves in the new series, since the second one was already so well plotted, acted and directed, but judging by the few glimpses we got of what the new season holds, I can imagine it will leave us all hanging for more.

For the fans of the book series – a trilogy with an entirely different tone and storyline – the show is the same in name only. Having read the first book, I have to say I like the direction the script writers took a lot better than the original which was absurdly light-hearted.

Clarke’s return, Bellamy’s choices, Octavia’s descent into more and more violence, the decay of the good guys they all feature heavily in the not even 3 minute trailer and I don’t know about you, but I’m excited!