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The trials of Cate McCall – trailer

by on 02/07/2014

Kate Beckinsale, Nick Nolte, James Cromwell, Taye Diggs and Mark Pellegrino all team up to bring us a new tale of corruption, lies and justice. I’m not sure, given the trailer alone, who the good guys and who the bad guys are, but I am actually excited to find out. 

Here’s a short synopsis of the movie, in the words of its creators:

Cate McCall (Kate Beckinsale; Pearl Harbour, Underworld, Total Recall), was a hotshot lawyer with the world at her feet, but as her career went from strength to strength, her personal life began to fall apart, she slipped into a spiral of alcoholism and depression that drove her family away, and left her with nothing.

Sometimes we find redemption in the darkest of places and fresh out of rehab Cate must take on the appeal of a woman wrongfully convicted of murder in order to be reinstated at the bar and regain custody of her daughter.   But this is a case that will challenge everything she vowed to uphold; Cate will be thrown into a world of lies, abuse and deception, where fighting for what’s right may mean fighting for her life.

I’ve been hooked since spotting Mark Pellegrino, who seems to be (once again) cast as a bad guy. I’m not sure how big his part is, but he looks as evil as it can be, in a movie where the line between good and bad is seems more than just a little blurred.

The movie, directed by Karen Moncrieff, will be released on DVD and VOD come July 7th, but until then take a look at the trailer, and stay tuned, a review is coming soon.