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Top 5 References Proving Sterling Archer is a Geek!

by on 29/03/2014

This gal is a big fan of Archer, the animated espionage adventures of Sterling Archer and his co-workers over at the ISIS spy agency. Currently at season 5 with another two promised, the show can do no wrong and although it has shifted from spy comedy to (poorly executed) drug dealing it has lost none of its charm or humour.

The series is packed with witty one liners and so many cultural references that many pass you by in the first viewing. But what I am here to share with you guys is some of the geek related references made by the man himself, Archer, thus proving that not only is he the world’s best spy but also a massive geek.


Archer’s irrational fear of cyborgs is something that crops up a couple of times and in this clip not only do we get to see how fearful he is of them, but also that Archer knows his Laws of Robotics. For those uncultured swines who don’t know what I am talking about let me explain. The Three Laws of Robotics were devised by Isaac Asimov in his short story Runaround, back in 1942. He determined that any robots created would have inherent safeguards to protect their creators and humanity. These laws have since been referenced by many an author and in a variety of media involving robots.


This one had me jumping for joy, for I am a huge Stargate fan and to hear this reference was like one of those moments of great satisfaction. Let’s face it Stargate isn’t as well loved as may Star Trek, so the fact the Archer can reference it so very well and accurately means you know he has watched it.


Archer is fully prepared for the risks of the jungle, and by fully prepared I mean always on the look out for a Predator. It would seem Archer a huge fan of the 1987 film and as a result is on guard for not only your standard human bad guys but also any alien hunters that may be present jungle type situations..

and then he even considers it out in the snow.


Archer is clearly a fan of comics, but from what I can remember most of his references are to the Marvel Universe, which also happen to be my favourite. Not only does he mention Nick Fury & Johnny Storm, there is also this clip informing us that Archer indeed reads X-Men.

Doctor Who

Sadly, I couldn’t get a clip together to show you this particular reference but rest assured it was hilarious and once again proves Archer’s hobbies include watching that British sci-fi classic Doctor Who. The best I can do is a transcript of the joke.

Cyril: “We are already down 125 kilos of cocaine, which was worth about $6 million.”
Archer: “How much is that in pounds?”
Cyril: “Forget pounds, we’re doing kilos!”
Archer: “No, I meant pounds –”
Malory: “Sterling!
Archer: “Exactly, as in ‘Doctor Who’ money.

To end this celebration of Archer the geek I could not live with myself if I didn’t leave you with a little Danger Zone! That’s right Archer is a massive fan of not only Kenny Loggins but the film Top Gun, it is probably – I haven’t got time to count – the most repeated joke of the series. So for you viewing pleasure here is a little Danger Zone montage.