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Trailer for Besson’s Lucy Shows Johansson Developing Doctor Manhattan Style Powers

by on 03/04/2014


Scarlett Johansson is already associated with the world of superpowers thanks to her portrayal of Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow in several films from Marvel Studio’s, however, upcoming sci-fi actioner Lucy has her playing an altogether more powerful character.

Lucy, the latest film from acclaimed Producer and Director Luc Besson, has Johansson playing the titular character. After a wild night of partying Lucy finds herself waking up having undergone some ad hoc surgery and is forced to become a drug mule, only after the package ruptures she develops a series of enhanced abilities and powers as the mysterious drug floods her system.

The long held pseudo scientific theory that people only use a small percentage of their brain is the crux of Lucy’s new found abilities, as Morgan Freeman’s Professor Norman a neuroscientist states “It is estimated that most human beings only use 10% of their brain capacity. Imagine if we could access 100%. Interesting things begin to happen.”

Lucy is written and directed by Besson, best known as the director of several acclaimed films including Leon, Nikita and the memorable sci-fi affair The Fifth Element. As well as directing Beeson, is also a prolific writer and producer associated with the Transporter films amongst many others.