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Tusk gets a UK release date as odd as the film itself

by on 15/10/2014

If you are not an avid listener to Kevin Smith (director of ClerksDogma, etc.) and his Smodcast podcasts, then you may not be aware of a little film called Tusk. Born of a Gumtree post now sadly confirmed as fake, it is the tale of a young reporter/podcaster who goes to Canada to meet an interesting man who wants to turn someone into a walrus. And, if the podcast is anything to go off, it’s supposed to get worse from there…

Now, the film is not likely to be most people’s cups of tea – at least, the reviews so far have confirmed that – but it does look to be aiming for a cult status of sorts. Think along the lines of the Phantasm, or perhaps the great Evil Dead. As such, many people are looking forward to it, particularly outside of the U.S. where it was released a few weeks ago.

Which is why it’s surprising that the UK general release date has been confirmed as December 5th. One would think the natural place for a fucked-up movie like Tusk would be in and around the Halloween period. Indeed, many other countries seem to be getting this release. But for us, it seems like we’ll be going into Tusk with mince pies and a general sense of merriness.

Are the UK distributors a little spooked by the relatively-poor showing the film had in the U.S.? Or is this a stroke of mad genius to compare with the film itself, with the Brits desperate for some messed-up films in the Most Wonderful Time of the Year? Let’s see, shall we?