Geek Pride get their first C.a.D!

by on 18/12/2013

When I first started this site, two and a bit years ago, I never dreamed that it would grow (and continue to grow) into what it is today. I therefore put little thought into having  as the Geek Pride logo, a Space Invader (for those who can remember). It’s an iconic symbol within geek culture and therefore a no brainer. “We will never be big enough for Square Enix / Taito to have issue with this.” I thought…… well it seems I was wrong and we have ruffled a few feathers now.


Yeah thats right, most people would be mortified to get a Cease and Desist from the legal team of a huge company but not here at Geek Pride, no sir. Firstly, and most simply, because we changed our logo in the summer, I just forgot to take the banner down from the website and change the favicon(FAIL!);  and Secondly, because getting a letter like this made us feel slightly warm and fuzzy inside, as if one of the founding geek creators had reached out and touched us mere mortals. ****awwwww eehh awwwwww***

Sure it’s a CaD but it is also something else.  We would never have gotten it had we not been a growing site and that makes us feel good. If we are big enough now to ruffle feathers, then that means we must be doing something right… Thanks Square Enix, it might be weird but you made our day!

All offending material removed ( I hope)
Check out the CaD below: