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Well its been a whole month since our last give away and well, I felt guilty, so I went through my personal stash and have come up with one of the biggest giveaways todate!


Pretty much, in GPHQ, there is a treasure trove of stuff that I have been sent over the last few months and, well, I am passing it on to you, our loyal followers! As you can see below, there is A LOT of stuff BUUUUUUUTTTT that is not going to be it all, no sir.

As the time goes on the more shares, likes and comments we get, the more that will be added to the pot and the more that each winner will recieve…WHAMMY! So why not be greedy, share the love, like it, like us, comment and make this already big giveaway even bigger!  

Here is a list and some pictures, on my table, of what you can win….so far (Not there are 3 winners who split this booty between them):

  • Amy Rose Cuddly toy
  • A Halo 4 Cortana Toy
  • A Minecraft Survival Pack Figure
  • A Minecraft Creeper figure
  • A Box of 20 Comics (and some sweets) Courtesy of Comic Chaos
  • A Breaking Bad ‘I want you to cook’ tee (Size Medium)
  • A Keep Calm and Finish Him tee (Size – Large)
  • A Mischief Loki tee (Size – Large)
  • A Jango Unchained tee (Size – Large)
  • Assassins Creed Hoody (Size – 3 XL)
  • First Edition of the Marvel Chess collection (1 of 3 Spiderman)
  • Some Star Wars Sand all the way from Lars Homestead
  • Angry Birds, Starwars.. thing
  • Some 3d glasses… i had them lying around (1 of 3)
  • My Bands last album… hey its heavy metal glory at its best… makes a good coaster if you dont like it ;o)

How to make the Prize fund bigger?

Easy… just comment on THIS PICTURE, Share, Like and repeat!


How To enter for the prizes themselves?

Click on THIS LINK or go to our FB page HERE and press out giveaway tab


Some options allow you to do it multiple times over many days so geek coming back

What the Winner gets:

There will be not just 1 Winner but 3! but this is how the prizes will be split:

ALL winners get a CD, some 3D glasses and a Marvel chess set magazine with Spiderman piece (so far). On top of which

Winner 1: Gets the choice of 2 tees from the list above (or 1 tee and the hoodie), a choice between the Amy Rose Toy or the Cortana Toy, the Star Wars Sand and the Box of Comics!
Winner 2: Gets the choice of  2 tees from the ones left (or 1 tee and the hoodie) either the Amy Rose toy or Cortana toy (depending on the choice above) the Angry birds…thing and the Minecraft survival pack
Winner 3: Gets…well, what ever is left over ANNNNNNND the Minecraft Creeper Pack.

Please note that we only have the sizes stated and the items stated… so choose wisely


When does the Giveaway end and who is it open to

Giveaway Finishes on Friday the 7th March at 00:00 GMT, winners will be contacted the week after and we will ship world wide baby!

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