Geeky Gifts – Part 2: The Giftening

by on 17/12/2013

It’s about a week to Christmas so if you’re still on the hunt for gifts (like I am ) then you better get your skates on. Here is part two of our geeky gift guide. For US readers, I apologise that most sites are British but I’m hoping I can at least give you some ideas of what you could buy people. 

What is a better gift for Christmas than a calender ready for the new year? And even better than that would be a geeky themed calender full of cosplay photographs alongside some great artwork. And even even better than that would be a calendar that has all of that and supports an important cause such as cancer… a charity like Cancer Research UK. Well look no further, here at Geek Pride we have that sorted for you. For £15 you can get this awesome gift (for others or for yourself) which will be useful the year round and for no extra fee you get the super warm feeling that you’re helping to fight cancer. All the cosplays are by Geek Pride writers and include popular characters such as R2D2, Joker and Harley Quinn. Find the calendars here… go on, you know you want to.

bannerIf you’re looking for something that you could pick up or click & collect instead of worrying about delivery, Tesco has a range clothing suited towards geeks at the moment (including some in the sale, yay!). For a choice of men’s nightwear you can choose from Batman, Hulk, Spider-man and Superman lounge pants for £8 or a Star Wars set for £12. With t-shirts you can get a Batman t-shirt for £10, a Thor t-shirt for £8, Avengers top for £8, a Christmas pacman top for £5 or a non-Christmas theme pacman top for £8. For women there is the choice of a Wonder Woman Pyjama set for £13 and two DC pyjama sets (here and here) both for £12.

boys in uniform pacman topFor those wanting to try their hand at illustration why not buy a ‘how to draw’ book? With hundreds of books out there to help wannabe artists, you’re sure to find one tailored to their interests. Stores such as The Works have a great collection online and (usually) in store at great prices. They also stock some basic art supplies so you could always buy them a sketch book to go with the guide. The works have a How to Draw Manga book for £1.99 and How to Draw and Sell Digital Cartoons for £3.99. Sites such as and also have hundreds for offers, although I’m sure you could pick up how-to guides at most bookshops.

how to drawFor Breaking Bad fans, Asda is offering the box set for £49.97. If that’s a bit pricey, then (or has a range of posters and t-shirts to fill the gap that the end of the series has made in your heart. 

breaking-bad-i-am-the-dangerWhat do we all get at Christmas? Socks. So let’s liven it up with these epic Wonder Woman superhero socks. Batman and Superman versions are also available. They are a little expensive for socks (the Wonder Woman socks being £7.99) but they’ll definitely stand out in the sock drawer. (For you Americans, here is a great site selling a variety of these caped socks.)

wonder woman socksFor a quick gift sure to make a TV or Movie junkie happy, you could buy a Netflix gift. Choose how many months you want to fuel the junkie’s addiction and choose a design for the card and you’re basically done. No queuing at the shops and no worrying about whether it’ll fit or they’ll like the colour. Easy-peasy. And if your Movie lover is more of a cinema-goer then most cinemas sell gift cards. 

popcornFor geeks who not only love Star Wars but enjoy a spot of Shakespeare then what better than to mash those two worlds together and buy William Shakespeare’s Star Wars for £11.99 from

star wars shakeAnd lastly, for you rich readers, why not just buy an electric DeLorean for £70,000 – who could refuse it? It won’t be ready in time for this Christmas but I’m sure showing a receipt in preparation for the gift will be enough. And when they get the present I’m sure you’ll never have to think of a gift idea again. 

deloreanWell that’s it from me. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!