Is this the Most Plausible Joker Theory Yet?

by on 02/11/2014

Ever since Gotham started, and for a little while before, speculation of how the Joker will be worked into the plot has been rife. Of course, Gotham is not a story about Batman per se so are we wrong to even think that the Joker will make an appearance given the time the series is set? Let’s assume that we’re not and he will make an appearance at some point.

One of the more popular theories doing the rounds at the moment started on Reddit and speculates that Oswald Cobblepot is in fact the Joker and not, as everyone has assumed, Penguin.  Whilst on the surface this may seem a little daft, when you delve into this guy’s logic, it’s not too shabby.

  1. Penguin is short and fat.  Oswald Cobblepot in Gotham is tall and slender. Yes of course Oswald Cobblepot could eat a few pies but he’s unlikely to lose height.
  2. His grin. I mean come on. No matter which incarnation of the Joker you look at, they all have the manic grin in common and this guy most certainly has it.
  3. Penguin is a master thief, not a cold blooded killer. Oswald Cobblepot in Gotham is most definitely a cold blooded killer and maniacal with it.  Classic behaviour of the Joker?
  4. The suit.  Oay this isn’t actually in the original Reddit theory but one I just thought of. Oswald’s suit has flashes of purple and green. Classic colour scheme of the Joker’s outfits. Of course that could just be a red herring but he’s definitely less Penguin and more the Joker.
Look at his suit!

Look at his suit!

Of course we could always go back to the obvious theory that the stand up comedian who Fish Mooney loved so much is the Joker. But that wouldn’t be quite as fun would it?