Legend of Zelda Spinoff Announced

by on 20/12/2013

Rejoice! Nintendo have announced a new Zelda game during the Nintendo Direct hosted on the 18th December but, using the words of the great Ben Kenobi, “This is not the Zelda game you are looking for.” (Close enough!)

Hyrule Warriors (working title) has been announced for the Wii U, releasing around Spring 2014, being developed by the talented bunch at Tecmo Koei, known for creating the Dynasty Warriors franchise. Whilst no other details were given, a short trailer was shown alongside the reveal, presenting a fast, fluid combat system incorporating a multitude of weapons, including bombs, bow and (gasp) the fire staff. The trailer can be viewed below:

Now, this is where the fun speculation begins. For the most part, the enemies shown here, such as the Bokoblins and the Lizalfos, use exactly the same models as their Skyward Sword counterparts. Whilst Skyward sword is the origins story, a small Manga piece was included within the Hyrule Historia (incidentally Amazon’s 6th best selling printed book throughout 2013), showing the original Link (the one before Skyward Sword) fighting an army on the ground. This Link had sections of armor alongside the iconic Green garb, as well as a blue cloak flowing majestically behind him. In contrast, the Link shown throughout the contrast has less armor, but still enough to be note worthy, and a flowing blue sash, as opposed to a full on cloak. So, to summarise: Is this game showing the start of the war which was eventually lost, ending in the creation of Skyloft and the death of Link? Whilst this is just speculation, if these theories are true, would Nintendo trust Tecmo Koei enough to give the prequel to Skyward Sword justice?


An interesting theory but what do you think? Comments below!