Legendary Encounters: Predators release date confirmed!

by on 14/04/2015

OK, I dropped the ball on this one. Not only have I not reviewed the original Marvel Legendary deck builder (I’ll get there, I promise!) but I also missed the port of the game system into Legendary: Aliens. But fear not! I didn’t miss the next installment, which promises to be even more awesome, and I pray will be backwards compatible.

In July 2015, Upper Deck will be releasing Legendary: Predators. Details are sketchy, but if the quality of the previous two games in the Legendary series are anything to go by, this one should be pretty awesome!

OK, this looks pretty awesome!

Who doesn’t want to yell ‘GET TO THE CHOPPA!’ in the middle of slapping down some killer card combo, or covering themselves in mud so the Predator cannot see you. Let’s hope Upper Deck live up to the hype!