Mike N’ Nick’s Gentlemanly Chats Ep 1 : Jrpgs

by on 07/12/2013

Sup Kreeps. I have a brand new Podcast announcement. We at the GP HQ have decided that one cast a week is not enough, that at 1000+ listeners, you guys want more. So below is the first of many upcoming GPCast spinoffs, off-shoots and wacky tangents involving superhero sex lives (that’s coming, just you wait).

Welcome to Mike and Nick’s Gentlemanly Chats : A weekly podcast in which myself and GP perman00b Nick Hanchet discuss a different topic that will sometimes actually be spoken about amidst the arguments and Batman/Final Fantasy Fangasming.It will usually be out on a Tuesday (ish) so come back every Tuesday to enjoy our sweet voices.

Have a little click on the link below to get yourself some sweet aural (apologies to Kevin Smith). We are firm believers in audience participation, so drop a comment below, and get involved in our facebook discussions over at our Geek Pride page, that you can find over there —————->

Alternatively , tweet #TalkieTuesdays or #MNGC and one of us will reply/berate/plead/offer sexual favours.


This week: Intros and JRPGs, enjoy!