Mike’s Magic Reviews : The Theros Holiday Box

by on 07/12/2013

Today I excitedly opened a box like a kid at Christmas. Which was incredibly appropriate; It was the Holiday Box : Theros Edition

The Theros Holiday Box

Contents: BOX, Stickers, Dividers, 4x Theros Boosters, 25x Land Cards




Initial thoughts:

The box is very pretty; prettier than last year’s blue Ravnica affair.  The front image is fairly badass thanks to the diligent work of Eric Deschamps; His image of a triumphant Elspeth is truly a sight to behold. This (I believe) is a much overlooked asset of the Magic The Gathering franchise, the artwork of the actual cards themselves are usually a damn sight more succinct and clever than we as users give credit for and the box art is testament to this fact. Everything inside the box was in order, the dividers made of a solid plastic, the boosters were undamaged and everything seemed rosy. This would make a great gift, as it has room for a hefty 2000 cards (or about 15 deck boxes).


Much pretty, Much badass.

Much pretty, Much badass.

Play Test:

Aside from using it as frisbee (which it utterly sucks at), you can’t really play test it, but I showed it to my girlfriend who stated that ” It’s all about greek mythology and shit! and it’s green, I like green! ” So there’s that.  It would also make a great gift for the upcoming festivities for a Magic player of any skill level.

Great Against:

Having a magic player in your life that has loads of cards? Dunno’ what you’re gonna’ get ‘um? Holiday Box. Wanna’ treat yourself with a cost effective storage solution for your trading card game by WOTC? Holiday Box. Wanna’ take the outer cardboard bit and wear is as a sort of mask? Holiday Box.

Sucks against:

Not a lot really. Maybe if your kid has asked for the Xbone, Piss4,  or the next fandangled “oh look it’s got an LCD touchscreen, who cares it’s a toaster, RAAAAAAH CONSUMERISM” gadget for the next generation of hip tweens, and you present them with what is essentially cardboard and foil, they will probably be less than impressed. But then of course you have to face the fact that you have failed as a parent and given creedance to the demands of the tiny hooligan that you raised that way. For shame.

Pictured: Your terrible parenting.

Pictured: Your terrible parenting.

Room For Improvement:

I’m aware that this could have been a one off, and that it could only happen to me, but I’m tasked with reviewing what arrived through my front door. With this in mind I must admit the box itself was somewhat on the shabby side. One of the sides had split, leaving the lid of the box way too big for itself and the outer sleeve was damaged (before I wore it as a mask, mind).The sticker pack inside was also bent and had a crease in the middle; this would make the actual application of the said stickers difficult to say the least. This was a real shame, as aside from this my only other room for improvement would’ve been the addition of extra dividers.


Happy Christmanukazastice, everyone!