New Iron Man 3 Armour Revealed

by on 03/10/2012

Released today is a picture from the set of Iron Man 3, shows Robert Downey Jr.’s Mark XLVII Armour, and a Iron Patriot suit that presumably has Don Cheadle hidden in there somewhere?

Iron Man 3 is due to be released 24/04/13 in the US.

What’s your opinion on the new gear?



Some confusion on FB so SKB has cleared it up for us

[quote]James Badge Dale/Eric Savin will not be in a suit. Savin will feature as part of the military arm that is specialising in nanotechnology (After all he was blown up and turned in to a cyborg). The featured armour, although looking like the Iron Patriot is Cheadle’s Rhodes/War Machine. Sadly Iron Patriot and Norman Osborne are owned by Sony as part of the Spiderman franchise, Iron Man is owned by Marvel-Disney. /SKB[/quote]