New Pompeii Teaser

by on 29/08/2013

Yes, Paul W. S. Anderson, he of Resident Evil infamy, is making a new film. And it seems that he’s not content with producing silly movies about fictional events: now he wants to make silly movies about historic ones too! We know this because of the teaser trailer that has been released for his forthcoming movie.

As you can see, he’s making Pompeii Jon Snow Vs. The Volcano.

Now, I was a fan of the first Resident Evil film, but I found that they sort of descended into spectacle over content, leaving all of their horror roots behind. As we got into the 4th film, basic logic and physics seemed to be impediments to Anderson’s story-telling, and his love affair with Milla Jovovic’s Alice character . Hopefully, we will see something more akin to the first RE film in February 2014.

Or, rather, in X 2014, where X is a month some time after February, when I eventually get the DVD from Lovefilm.