Slaine Book of Scars brings together classic artists for 30th Anniversary.

by on 24/08/2013

2000adprog1844_slaine2A new Slaine story celebrating the character’s 30th anniversary titled ‘The Book of Scars’ starting in 2000AD Prog 1844 has writer and creator Pat Mills teaming up with some of the characters classic artists including Simon Bisley and Glen Fabry.

Slaine, a fantasy based on Celtic and Irish myth and legend with other influences (Robert E Howard’s Conan being a major one) first appeared in 2000AD in the early 80’s. Recently the character has been synonymous with the eye popping digital art of Clint Langley however it was ‘The Horned God’ story originally published in the late 80’s with stunning fully painted art from Bisley that first ensured the character would join the ranks of 2000AD’s best loved classic characters.

You can get the digital edition at 2000AD’s site here