Indie hit Spintires Shifts into the Steam Top Sellers list

by on 21/06/2014


The next hot early access success roars onto Steam, rushing into the top ten of the Steam top sellers list within a week of its release. With little advertising or marketing, and taking the somewhat unexpected form of a soviet heavy duty vehicle simulator, Spintires is a panoply of mud, smoke and vast amounts of Jungle.

Pictured: Genre

Pictured: Jungle

To the million-strong downloaders of the tech demo, released last year during its successful Kickstarter campaign, this success comes as no surprise. The game boasts an incredible level of visual detail, all of which is deformable and destructible, leading to a level of depth never before seen in an off-road game. To quote publisher IMGN.PRO in a press release: “Each rock and soil particle moves under the truck wheels, mud acts as in real life, deforming and sticking to the tires. Realistic water effects affect car handling during pond and river crossing. Entire flora, from the forest floor to the trees bends, breaks and interacts with the vehicle.”

The deformable terrain is something to behold in game, especially as you nosedive into a mudpit

The deformable terrain is something to behold in game, especially as you nosedive into a mudpit

The early examples of the demo looked and played very impressively, with Great Yarmouth based Oovee Studios making the leap from creating expansions for existing simulators quite exponentially, making a simulator that through the liberal application of vast amounts of mud and some solid looking game mechanics appeals far wider than the enthusiast market.

One thing of possibly even more interest than another entry being added to the burgeoning “historical obscure transport simulator” genre is the openness of the development team, being very open to press interviews and distributing review code out. The tech demo was released for free last year and proved unequivocally the power and tactility of the demo hasn’t diminished in the slightest.


The seven vehicles you can pick run the gamut of soviet heavy duty fare

Spintires offers five massive off-road maps, seven vehicles and a four-player co-op mode, as well as the weight of the modding community squarely behind it to add even more to the game. Oovee right now seem to get it, and in a rather tumultuous year, that’s something that doesn’t always go without saying.