Superheroes are people too…

by on 26/11/2013

The following post is brought to you in collaboration with First4Lawyers

We all know that superheroes tend to get into a few scrapes in their day to day, crime fighting, business but what if they lived in a more realistic world where injuries took more than 5 seconds to heal and your PTSD wasn’t just a quirky character trait? Rehabilitation would be needed wouldn’t it?

Sadly, that costs and for those superheroes who don’t have the assets available to them like Batman or Ironman (damn millionaire play boys) their traumatic injuries may go untreated, buuuuut what if they knew how much their injuries could be worth?!

Thankfully for our vigilante friends,  F4L have sent us this little infographic showing what different heroes could theoretically claim for should the need arise.

Just click the picture and check it out!