Table Forged Relaunches ‘Iron & Ale’ Kickstarter Campaign

by on 08/11/2013

Do you long for a Dwarven Drinking Card Game where you Mine, Fight Monsters and Challenge your Friends to Real Dwarven Feats of Strength? Me too!

ironale steins

Then it’s a good job Table Forged have relaunched ‘Iron & Ale’ via Kickstarter.

“Iron & Ale is 100% Dwarf. It is a game of mining, fighting monsters, drinking and dwarven challenges. You are a Dwarven Lord challenging other players to become the true Dwarven King. To do this you must lead your clan to conquer the mountain and challenge other Dwarven Lords at the Meadhall. The Dwarven Lord with the most honor when the Mountain Deck is depleted wins.”

mountain cards

The mountain is made up of 100 cards filled with monsters, iron ore and gold. Sworn Dwarven enemies, such as Orc tribes, Giants, Trolls, the Legendary Dragon and more lurk in the mountain deck. During the Mountain Phase each player draws one card, exploring and mining the mountain. Every kill, every resource brings honor to your clan.

After you draw a card from the Mountain, you draw a card from the Meadhall Deck. The Meadhall is where you drink and challenge the other Dwarven Lords for honor in feats of strength and skill. The Meadhall deck is made up of 30 Dwarven Challenges and 10 Dwarven Folly cards.

All challenges are 100% dwarf and will prove your Dwarven worth. Dwarven Lords are encouraged to place wages using any honor or resources they’ve gained before the challenges start. 

You can check out a game of Iron & Ale being played in the video below and don’t forget to take a look at the Kickstarter here