Firefly Fluxx Review

by on 11/04/2016

Looney Labs, with Gale Force Online




-Easy gameplay
-Fun, colorful drawings
-Constantly changing rules mean you never play the same game twice


-Game can either be really short or really long, depending on the rules played
-Some rules are a nuisance
-If you've played Fluxx before, there's no new ground broken

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Bottom Line

Fluxx is a great addition to your game closet or shelf. It's easy and can be played relatively quickly (depending on the rules), and the constant changes make the game unpredictable in a fun way. Even if Firefly isn't your cup of tea, there are themes out there for everyone, including Cthulhu, Cartoon Network, space and Batman, to name a few.



I love the game Fluxx. I love the TV show Firefly even more. Put the two together, and it’s a match made in heaven.

If you’ve ever played any version of Fluxx in the past, you know how the game works, and it’s no different here. However, if you haven’t played, the rules are really simple. The game starts with an easy “draw 1, play 1” rule, with nothing else. As the game progresses, the rules for the game changes as more cards are played. Not only are goals eventually implemented (which you need to accomplish in order to win the game), but the rules change, and do so frequently. Card draws can go up to 5, you can be required to play all cards in your hand every single turn, you can steal other players’ cards, and more. Because of this, the game is always changing and no two rounds will be exactly the same.


The Firefly aspect is just a theme, one of many types of themes in the Fluxx series, with cards being based on characters, items and events from the TV show. Beyond that, the game is very similar to pretty much all other Fluxx decks out there. That is done on purpose, as you can combine different-themed decks to make the game last even longer as well as increase the challenge.

While it plays the same as the other themes in the line, I did notice one difference between this and other sets I’ve played. This version includes a new group of cards called “Surprise”, and these cards can almost be played at any time. Each one has a specific action it can do if you’re playing it on your turn, as well as a separate action for when it’s someone else’s turn. Generally, these cards are designed to benefit you on your turn and hamper the other players when they are going, including preventing them from winning. It’s not a major change, but it does freshen things up and add a new aspect to the game. (Note: This feature does appear in other versions, but it was the first time I had come across it.)


On a whole, Firefly Fluxx is nothing that will change the landscape, and it’s more of a lip service to fans of the show like me who will buy nearly anything with the logo on it. Having said that, what it does, it does well, and if you’re a fan of either the show or previous Fluxx games, you’ll want to pick this up.