Grublin Games launches Kickstarter for Waggle Dance

by on 06/06/2014



Grublin Games following the success of their last Kickstarter Cornish Smuggler which smashed its goal have another innovative project they need your help with – Waggle Dance.

The game is a strategic board game for 2-4 players, set in a beehive where players control worker bees to build their hive, produce more bees, collect pollen, return it to the hive and make honey.

There are numerous ways to go about achieving your goal, focus on pollen collection, increasing your bee population, expanding your hive, seeking favour with the queen or splitting your resources to achieve all of these. Whilst it might lack the sci-fi and fantasy trappings normally associated with most tabletop games there’s still plenty of room for strategic manoeuvres and it’s a refreshing change to see something that doesn’t revolve around combat.

The game which features Pollen Cubes, Hive Hexes and Bee Dice, amongst other things, was designed by Mike Nudd and features art from Mateusz Szulik. It has been designed for gamers everywhere independent of language save for a concise rules sheet.

So why design a game around bees? Mike Nudd had this to say,

“The theme of using bees and honey really appealed to me. I have long held a deep respect for the creatures to the extent that I will try to save exhausted bumblebees I find on the pavement by feeding them sugar and water. I appreciate that their role in natural cycle of things is important and I am concerned about the consequences of bees around the world going extinct. If I can in some small way generate enthusiasm for bees and draw attention to these issues then so much the better..”

For more details and to pledge your support for the project visit Waggle Dance on Kickstarter