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Captain Jack – are you there?

by JodieAvoon 02/03/2013
It seems that John Barrowman is in trouble with the BBC. In recognition of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, John had intimated that he was in talks with the BBC surrounding his involvement in the exciting endeavour. However, a recent tweet from him saying “Re 50th I didn’t say in what capacity or what medium […]

Doctor Who 50th Special Set to Stun

by JodieAvoon 17/02/2013
Ear plugs at the ready non Whovians. In line with Doctor Who celebrating its 50th year, Moffat and the team are looking to bring ALL the Time Lords back together for a one off show spectacular! Yes, this includes the sadly departed William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee. How, you say? No, there isn’t a mad […]