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Top 5 TV Theme Tunes of the 80s

by Becca Harperon 14/08/2014
I was but a small child in the 80s, naturally very influenced by the shows I watched; back in those days there was very limited choice, we had four channels, seriously, just four. It was  a time when computers were coming into the home, one person on the street and a VHS and that pirated […]

Homer Simpson’s Dream Car is Made!

by Stephen Breweron 08/07/2013
The 24 Hours of LeMons beater-car racing series has had quite a few theme-based cars throughout the years. Whether it be an ‘Animal House’ Deathmobile, the ‘A-Team’ van or even the Spirit of St. Louis, if it was a car….and not a plane. But this week, the incredible has happened, the brilliant even, this week […]