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Alan Rickman dies, aged 69.

by Peter Ray Allisonon 14/01/2016
Today we lost another of our greats, with Alan Rickman passing away at 69 from cancer. We at Geek Pride lament his passing and wish to honour one of the truly greatest actors of our generation with a top five of Alan Rickman’s greatest roles. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Whilst the film itself may […]

By Grabthar’s Hammer! A possible Galaxy Quest sequel?

by Stephen Breweron 12/08/2014
“Never Give Up! Never Surrender!” The battlecry of the NESA Protector’s Commander Peter Taggart. It appears to have become the tagline for fans of the cult classic film Galaxy Quest as they have taken it to heart in hopes of a sequel. Sadly for fans at this present moment in time the only sequel they will […]