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Marvel’s #1 Campaign On Hold

by James Buckinghamon 12/03/2013
Over the weekend Marvel started their #1 campaign to tie-in with SXSW, which featured 700 free comics from the Marvel One series. It’s an amazing offer, as you have access to some great titles like A + X, All-New X-Men, Avengers Arena and loads more. However, this offer is currently on hold as the demand […]

Marvel Roundup (12/12/12)

by Laura Maieron 18/12/2012
Marvel NOW! continues to reboot- er, reintroduce- our favourite characters, and this week sees the release of Cable and X-Force #1. Not in any way related to Uncanny X-Force, this sees Cable reuniting with Domino and Hope, and picking up Colossus, Forge and Dr. Nemesis. And lest we be tricked into thinking that they’ll be […]