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Homespun Heroes of Cosplay – Belfast Film and Comic Con May 2016

by trekkiemarkon 02/06/2016
Cosplay as a hobby has gone from strength to strength the world over in the past decade but has recently began to take hold as a major way of life for many people in Belfast, Northern Ireland. With the likes of MCM and Showmasters bringing conventions to the four corners of the UK and Ireland […]

Arkham Origins

by Callum Tyndallon 03/11/2013
God damn Batman is cool. In my opinion, straight up the best superhero out there. There is just so much to love about him but, for me, the root of his sheer awesomeness is the fact that he’s just a man. A man who has not only gone toe to toe with gods, psychopaths and […]

Anticipating Arkham

by Callum Tyndallon 23/10/2013
The Arkham series of games are some of my favourite out there and, on the 25th of October, they’re about to add a brand new stallion to the stable. Arkham Origins is possibly my most anticipated game of the year and all signs so far indicate it being insanely awesome. As both a videogame fan […]

MCM Manchester Comic Con 2013

by Andrew Corbanon 21/07/2013
Held at Manchester Central (formerly GMEX) every July since 2011, the Manchester Comic Con is becoming ever more popular each year, with 30,000 people showing up compared to last years 11,000 – there were so many people in fact that there was a 2 hour queue to get in, and there was still a queue […]

Xbox 360 Game Review: Dark – 7GPP

by Stephen Breweron 10/07/2013
We stumble across Erik Bane the games main character as he stumbles, almost unable to stand with no memory of how he got to the club that he's in (Sanctuary). The first thing that comes to mind is the good use of cel-shaded graphics, it's nice on the eye and brings you into the game quite nicely. Now Erik it turns out is a half-vampire, he has been turned but has yet to feed upon his sire who has disappeared and if he doesn't feed on that person soon he will turn into a mindless ghoul.

Honest Trailers: The Dark Knight Rises

by Becca Harperon 06/12/2012
 To celebrate the ‘just in time for Christmas’ release of The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray I am posting the Honest Trailers version, it is hilarious and makes some very good points. I hold my hands up and admit I didn’t find the film all that, I certainly didn’t walk out of the cinema thinking” Damn that […]


by Matt Gearyon 27/07/2012
Straight to the point: It’s Epic! Best film I have seen this year, including The Avengers.  I won’t be hitting you with my patented long, drivelling reviews for the new Batman film, simply because I can only say “it’s awesome” and “how epic was that?!” so many times before you get bored and switch off. […]