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Trigger warnings and dramarama – an assault on creative expression .

by Andy Haighon 11/04/2015
One of the things I’ve noticed recently that seems to be permeating “geek culture” is people getting offended by things. A lot. After all everybody knows nothing generates webtraffic like manufactured outrage. The latest of these things to get offended by was a sketch that artist Frank Cho did of Spider-Gwen,  The reason this sketch […]

T-Shirts, Sexism and Consumerism

by Laura Maieron 01/10/2014
So, I think we’ve all seen this, correct? And are we all appropriately outraged? Good. Now, I could go off on one about how this is totally typical of the oh-so-sexist comic book industry, and how it reduces the most powerful and iconic superheroine in history to a prize, and assumes that every geek girl’s goal […]

Batgirl’s New Look

by Laura Maieron 30/07/2014
Big changes are afoot for Barbara Gordon. Gail Simone has left the book due to creative differences and writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher, along with artist Babs Tarr, have been brought in to give Batgirl a more light-hearted tone- which is what Gail wanted to do, and was the whole reason she left the book in the first place… […]

Grab the Sick Bags, It’s A DC Valentine’s Day Special !

by Laura Maieron 07/02/2013
Let’s get one thing completely straight here: there is nothing on this Earth I find more thoroughly worthless than Valentine’s Day, with the possible exception of  head lice. The idea of a socially-mandated day in which people must declare their love for one another and express it with a variety of ridiculous gifts (don’t get […]

The Comic Book Roundup 31/10/12

by Laura Maieron 05/11/2012
It’s a short week for DC, mostly consisting of annuals and miniseries. Fortunately, DC annuals are chances to throw in some pretty epic team-ups. The absolute best among these is, of course, Batgirl Annual #1. Not only does Admira Wijaya supply some absolutely sensational art, but Gail Simone writes such a beautiful Batgirl/Catwoman team-up that […]

Comic Book Weekly Roundup (10/10/12)

by Laura Maieron 16/10/2012
THE BEST OF MARVEL   AvX Consequences #1 (writer: Kieron Gillen; artist: Tom Raney) We’ve had AvX, AvX Versus and all the standard ongoings with plot arcs relevant to the AvX storyline, and now, just when you thought it was over, we have AvX Consequences. On the surface, it appears nothing much can come of this storyline […]