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Wulverblade – Best of Show @ PlayExpo 2014

by Lendosanon 03/11/2014
I have saved, what everyone considered to be, the Best In Show at Play Expo 2014, until last.  Having met Michael Heald the day previous, I gave the game a good blast, both prior to the GP interview, and afterwards.  It is a very visceral, side scrolling beat-em-up, based on the good old classic games […]

Arcade inspired music video is turned into playable game by fans.

by Andy Haighon 03/11/2014
Back in 2012 electronic/EBM music artist Faderhead released the video for their song “Fistful of fuck you”. The video featured the likeness of the singer/musician and the likenesses of other music artists in a side scrolling beat em up which was inspired by Final Fight, Double Dragon and other classic arcade games. The video was […]

‘Mother Russia Bleeds’ Old School Beat ’em up Meets no Holds Barred Brutality

by Andy Haighon 07/05/2014
Mother Russia Bleeds is an upcoming old school style scrolling beat ’em up. Inspired by classic brawlers, like Final Fight, the graphical approach is 2 dimensional pixel art with a modern touch. Unlike the classics of old, Mother Russia Bleeds is a hard edged brutal ultra-violent affair with a story set in an alternate 80’s […]