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Cosplay Pictures from Belfast Film and Comic Con

by Matt Gearyon 23/03/2017
Our Very own Dave Foy was at the Belfast Film and comic Con this year and took a lot of pictures of the great Cosplayers! Here are our top picks and a link to the rest on our facebook!

Geek Pride at Belfast Film and Comic Con 2015

by Dave Foyon 20/11/2015
As geek-culture is finally being embraced on this side of the Irish Sea, and with even the local mainstream media taking an active (though admittedly still cautious) interest in the overall ‘geek’ community – the past few years have seen the introduction and rise of the Northern Irish version of the convention/celebration event. There now appears […]

The Problem with 12A Films and the Cinema Experience

by Becca Harperon 30/10/2015
Yesterday my husband and I had the rare opportunity to have a couple of hours to ourselves so, like many a geek would, we headed to tour local Odeon to watch the latest Bond film SPECTRE. We figured that since it was a Bond film and the middle of the day, the likelihood of our […]