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The Importance of Conflict: Why Jaal is the best companion in Mass Effect Andromeda

by Rach Griffithson 26/04/2017
What makes a great character? Bioware is renowned for their writing, central to that is the attention they pay to their characters. Rach Griffiths explains why Mass Effect: Andromeda's Jaal is a prime example of this.

Mass Effect Remaster Gets Left Behind

by Lauren Crofton 01/09/2016
Earlier last month rumours began to circulate that the much loved Mass Effect franchise was going to be the latest in a long line of games to receive the remastering treatment. This was all down to EA’s very own Executive Vice President Patrick Soderland who dropped hints and raised hopes everywhere by discussing the possibility […]

E3 2016: Our Favourite Moments

by jesshealy24on 19/06/2016
E3 has come and gone for yet another year, and let’s face it, we more than once boarded the hype train! We were absolutely wowed (looking at you, Sony!), intrigued, and on occasion, a little underwhelmed by some of the gaming industry’s latest announcements. Nevertheless, as the dust settles, its time to do a little […]

Mass Effect: Andromeda, E3 update

by Lauren Crofton 12/06/2016
The footage opens with an introduction from Bioware stating that Andromeda will be built on ‘what you loved about Mass Effect’s amazing stories and game play’ and now they’re letting their ‘imaginations run wild’, so ‘how far will we go’? Before continuing on to say that the game will be an advance on the previous […]

Mass Effect Andromeda, Bioware confirm delay until early 2017

by Lauren Crofton 11/05/2016
Yesterday NASA announced some exciting news, it’s Kepler mission had located a vast collection of new planets within our galaxy, the hopes of identifying one of them with the potential to mirror our own planet grows even closer. But unfortunately we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see beyond our galaxy and out into Andromeda, well we will for […]

Mass Effect: New Earth – A 4D Holographic Journey

by Lauren Crofton 03/05/2016
Some of you may have already heard by now that Biowares critically acclaimed Mass Effect series is to become a one of a kind 4D holographic ride. Mass Effect: New Earth will be located in California as one of Great America’s latest attractions. The ride is said to have been created using ‘cutting edge technology’, […]

Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer Released

by Callum Tyndallon 15/06/2015
E3 continues to ride the hype train into the distance with a ton of huge reveals. Among them is this, the proper confirmation of the new Mass Effect game, sub-titled Andromeda. The game is set in another galaxy and a fair while after the adventures of Shepard from the original trilogy. Several core elements of the game are […]

Dragon Age: Inquisition

by jesshealy24on 15/12/2014
Dragon Age: Inquisition is easily one of the most anticipated games of this year.  Having Bioware’s favoured fantasy RPG being previously setback an entire year (and then once again for another month, as announced in September), die-hard fans have been waiting eagerly for Inquisition’s release. The game has had a lot to live up to, […]

Bioware commissioned special art for N7 day and you can get it, well a lithograph.

by Andy Haighon 07/11/2014
As any Mass Effect fan should know November 7 is N7 day and one of the things that fans can get from Bioware is a high end signed and numbered lithograph of art specially commissioned from acclaimed artist Sam Spratt. Spratt has turned heads with his stunning portraits of pop culture icons like Breaking Bad’s […]

Overhyped or Overwhelming? Dragon Age Keep Beta Impressions

by jesshealy24on 03/11/2014
Though The Dragon Age Keep, Bioware’s solution to replicating player’s world state on to multiple platforms was released among the world through open beta last week; I was lucky enough to be invited to test out the closed beta version as part of the final wave of those who applied previously. The Keep has been […]