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Medioevo Universale – Review

by Matt Gearyon 30/08/2019
Medioevo Universale is a HUGE game and for those who know me, there is nothing that floats my proverbial, tabletop gaming, boat more than big, complex games that take half the day or more to play and make casual gamers sigh. Until now though the only way to slate my thirst for such rare behemoths, […]

Sir Terry’s “The Witches” – Discworld Arkham

by Tom Sorsbyon 01/09/2015
The late, great Sir Terry Pratchett wrote some of my favourite reading material, supplying me with fantastic stories of stoic watchmen and bumbling wizards from my pre-teens right through to adulthood. If you clicked on this article, you probably already know who he is, so I’ll spare you the bio-recap (though this first paragraph is a […]

Tabletopia – the future of tabletop gaming?

by Bevan Clatworthyon 31/08/2015
Some exciting news from the world of tabletop gaming. A new digital board game client has come onto the scene, boasting all manner of features and a slick 3D presentation as of yet unseen in the industry. This is stirring news for both gamers and designers, as the Tabletopia system will allow people to play […]

7 Wonders – Great Pyramids of Gameplay

by Tom Sorsbyon 20/07/2015
I’ve been into strategy PC games since I was a wee nipper. I didn’t go for the likes of gunplay focused Duke Nukem and the fast paced Crash Bandicoot that the rest of the kids were into – I preferred the slower pace, the longer game, the careful strategy; games like Civilization and Heroes of Might […]

Golem Arcana – The Future of War gaming?

by Bevan Clatworthyon 15/10/2014
Last year, Harebrained Schemes joined with a design team that included Jordan Weisman (of FASA (Battletech) and Wizkids fame) to bring something very special to the world via Kickstarter. With over half a million dollars in pledges and nearly 2200 backers, Golem Arcana made a lot of promises. A year on, has HBS delivered? First, […]

Camel Up

by Bevan Clatworthyon 08/08/2014
Now I like to think of myself as an open minded guy; I’ve played board games based on moving barrels of rum (actually better than it sounds), panda pleasing (absolutely brilliant game) and even giant boobed versions of the Norse gods (Kanzume Goddess has a lot to answer for) but when someone presented this game […]

Zombicide Season 3 hits Kickstarter!

by Bevan Clatworthyon 01/07/2014
Zombicide is back for Season 3! Recently launched on Kickstarter (go here for the link), the latest instalment has already smashed its goal of $100,000 – in three days! So why all the hubbub? Well, the first Season of Zombicide was a phenomenal hit for the company Coolminiornot, which raised $781,597 as it funded. They […]


by Bevan Clatworthyon 05/03/2014
Zombies are big, trending like mad in all shapes, sizes and medias; movies, video games, books, comics, even television is getting in on the act with big budget series The Walking Dead. Table top gaming hasn’t been immune (we all know the virus has no cure!), with the undead cannibals being main actors and bit […]