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The Geek Pride Cast #Xcomgiveitoya

by Matt Gearyon 17/01/2017
In this episode we try not to talk about Rogue one too much, Matt makes a bold statement, Dave Talks about gay cake and Mike gives away some stuff. If you would like to enter our, Random shit giveaway, and win yourself an Energy drink, a pasty, a ferrero rocher, a half eaten ferrero rocher, […]

“The Dice Cup” Interview – Tabletop Pride

by Tom Sorsbyon 14/03/2016
I used to be a frequent visitor to the fair city of Nottingham, as my other half was living there for a good while. Now she’s moved up to sunny Sheffield with me, visiting our friends in Nottingham has sadly become a rare trip. On my last visit however, I was fortunate to be taken […]

In Space No-one Can Hear You Nom

by James Buckinghamon 15/04/2014
A friend of mine is one lucky sonova… well… he’s a lucky guy. For one, he works for The Creative Assembly (the guys behind the epic Total War series)… a job which I’m immensely jealous of. Secondly, he got to munch on something truly epic today that got sent to the CA offices; An Alien: […]

Geek Treats: Chocolate Fudge Triforce Cupcakes

by Hani Fearonon 18/08/2013
Chocolate Fudge Triforce Cupcakes These cute cupcakes may not be quite as spectacular as some of my other creations, but they’re simple to make and are full of nomm. I’ve been rather short on time so I’ve even used cheat’s frosting to make them nice and quick to make. Makes 12 Ingredients 200g Butter or Margarine […]